Personalize wealth and asset management services.

Integrating wealth management systems with other platforms ensures that varying data sets are unified, providing powerful ways to access and analyze account holder information and build additional revenue streams.

Through countless conversations with partners we’ve realized that there are several shared problems when it comes to integrations:

  Customers use a variety of banking cores/systems and integrations need to be rebuilt for each one.

  Network architectures are convoluted.

  Integration payload specifications undergo changes.

  There are slow feedback cycles when it comes to working with the business units and different employees within a project.

  Managing updates to systems.

  Internal builds require ongoing maintenance and documentation at the cost of developer hours.

  Customers almost always want custom extensions and integrations to fit their business logic.

Sandbox Banking has solved all of these problems for our partners by:

Having a Standard API template that can be reused across Banking Systems

Handle complexities involved in dealing with a bank or credit union’s underlying network infrastructure

Handle complex financial services integrations that involve custom logic, multiple services, or orchestration

Dealing with changing integration specifications during implementation

Demoing fintech integration benefits to a growing list of banks and credit unions

Leverage data to customize wealth services and strengthen client relationships.

Maximize client relationships by harnessing account holder data for personalized advice and trust-building interactions. Streamline access to diverse data sources within wealth management platforms to tailor solutions for various client segments, from business owners to high-net-worth individuals. Embrace digital transformation to meet evolving client expectations, integrating advanced technology stacks through APIs to innovate and customize the client experience.

Sandbox Banking offers Glyue™, our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), facilitating seamless connectivity between core banking platforms and a wide array of financial solutions. With Glyue™, enhance client offerings by enabling effortless fund transfers and account openings, enriching your suite of services and empowering account holders to navigate your wealth platform seamlessly.

Three uses cases that strengthen business.

Tailor offerings

Efficiently access and analyze diverse data from various sources within wealth management platforms. Cater to the distinct requirements of clientele such as business owners, trusts, as well high-net-worth individuals.

Build non-interest revenue

Many wealth management companies represent non-interest income for the bank holding company.

Automate advisory services

Use data such as a users’ risk aversion profile, age and income to create investment options via robo-advisors.

The case for integrated wealth management.

As the market gears up for exponential growth, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Anticipated Growth: Projections indicate that assets under management are poised to soar to an astounding US$64.4B this year. This remarkable trajectory is backed by a dominant position held by Financial Advisory services, projected to reach US$62.6B in the same year.

Steady Expansion: With an anticipated steady annual growth rate of 7.92% through 2028, the assets under management are set to scale new heights. In four years, a staggering market volume of US$87.4B is anticipated, underscoring the immense potential for growth and prosperity.

The wealth management market has a surging demand for personalized financial planning services, making it ripe with potential for expansion for banks and credit unions of all sizes.

How Glyue™ benefits your wealth management platform

Multi-system integration—Seamlessly integrate portfolio management data with core banking systems and other software platforms for enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced accountholder experience—Personalize wealth planning solutions for customers or members, fostering stronger connections and satisfaction.

Advisor empowerment—Equip wealth advisors with precise, up-to-date data to enhance their ability to deliver personalized, human-centric experiences.

Business agility—Stay adaptable to evolving consumer demands by ensuring your business processes are agile and responsive.

Improved portfolio management—Offer users and portfolio managers an organized, real-time platform for better portfolio management and decision-making.

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