Tailor your business with integrated fintech solutions

Simplify workflows, unify data from various systems, and streamline operations to boost business, team, and account holder efficiencies.

Through countless conversations with partners we’ve realized that there are several shared problems when it comes to integrations:

  Customers use a variety of banking cores/systems and integrations need to be rebuilt for each one.

  Network architectures are convoluted.

  Integration payload specifications undergo changes.

  There are slow feedback cycles when it comes to working with the business units and different employees within a project.

  Managing updates to systems.

  Internal builds require ongoing maintenance and documentation at the cost of developer hours.

  Customers almost always want custom extensions and integrations to fit their business logic.

Sandbox Banking has solved all of these problems for our partners by:

Having a Standard API template that can be reused across Banking Systems

Handle complexities involved in dealing with a bank or credit union’s underlying network infrastructure

Handle complex financial services integrations that involve custom logic, multiple services, or orchestration

Dealing with changing integration specifications during implementation

Demoing fintech integration benefits to a growing list of banks and credit unions

Maximize the value of your existing systems.

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, seamless integration and efficient data management are paramount for banks and credit unions to stay competitive. Enter iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), a game-changing solution that adds immense value to financial institutions.

iPaaS empowers banks and credit unions by seamlessly connecting disparate systems, whether it’s legacy software or modern applications, into a unified ecosystem. This integration not only simplifies workflows but also enables real-time data synchronization, providing a comprehensive view of operations.

Glyue™, powered by Sandbox Banking, is the tool that banks and credit unions use to connect systems for a variety of business solutions.

Glyue™ strengthens business-enhancing solutions.

Banking as a Service (BaaS)

Host accounts and provide better transaction methodologies for non-financial institutions via integrated modern API-driven platforms.

Bulk Data Operations

Effortlessly synchronize bulk data transfers across financial systems in real-time with Glyue™, ensuring seamless consistency.

Collateral Portfolio Management

Streamline appraisal, flood certification, and environmental inspection ordering, while integrating with UCC filing and lien search vendors for enhanced loan ops efficiency.

Commercial and SMB Lending

Automate business loan origination and processing, reduce data entry risks, ensure accurate data pulls, and empower agents through integrations with lending systems and your core banking.

Consumer and Mortgage Lending​

Automate consumer loan and mortgage onboarding by integrating your banking core with application, LOS, CRM, and processing systems for centralized management.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Integrate core platforms and software to meet demand, empower agents with customer/member views, and ensure fast access to account information.


Ensure precise data transfer between the core, call center, LOS/DAO systems, and Salesforce with Customer360, developed by Sandbox Banking engineers.

Deposit Account Opening (DAO)

Reduce online origination costs, update customer records, and centrally manage integrations such as KYC pulls and online banking enrollment in the core.

Embedded Finance

Support non-financial institutions with a complete suite of integrated fintech solutions, including payments, cards, and deposits, all linked to your core banking system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Consolidate customer data, vendor info, and operations with your ERP system to streamline workflows, optimize treasury, and enhance data exchange.

Wealth Management

Enhance client and advisor interactions through personalized wealth and asset management services.

Loan Participation

Manage risk, diversify portfolios, and seize lending opportunities with Curated, a tailored Glyue™ application that simplifies loan participation.

Connect the best applications to build your best business.

Modern financial institutions are adopting a variety of technologies as they seek to digitally transform. Glyue™ adapters allow business units and technology teams to focus on the application, rather than worrying about the integration.

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