Bolster the power of Salesforce with fully integrate core, LOS, and DAO data.

Through countless conversations with partners we’ve realized that there are several shared problems when it comes to integrations:

  Customers use a variety of banking cores/systems and integrations need to be rebuilt for each one.

  Network architectures are convoluted.

  Integration payload specifications undergo changes.

  There are slow feedback cycles when it comes to working with the business units and different employees within a project.

  Managing updates to systems.

  Internal builds require ongoing maintenance and documentation at the cost of developer hours.

  Customers almost always want custom extensions and integrations to fit their business logic.

Sandbox Banking has solved all of these problems for our partners by:

Having a Standard API template that can be reused across Banking Systems

Handle complexities involved in dealing with a bank or credit union’s underlying network infrastructure

Handle complex financial services integrations that involve custom logic, multiple services, or orchestration

Dealing with changing integration specifications during implementation

Demoing fintech integration benefits to a growing list of banks and credit unions

5 things Salesforce and Sandbox Banking bring to the table for banks and credit unions:

1. Visibility: Give your team a 360 degree view of relevant data when working with customers.

2. Data alignment:  Pull customer, account, transaction, loan and deposit applications, and other records from the core to create and update objects and fields in Salesforce.

3. Triggered notifications: New loan and deposit applications can be triggered from Salesforce, reducing manual data entry for sales and customer management teams.

4. Quick response: Give staff the ability to take faster action with downstream Salesforce workflows that are triggered at field changes (opportunity creation, alerts).

5. Real-time updates: Send updates from customer or account records in Salesforce to the core banking system in real-time, reducing the need for manual entry and preventing out-of-sync data.

Build integrations that fuel connectivity, like these:​

Sync bulk data from your core to Salesforce

Sync your customer and account data from the core to Salesforce by using the Glyue™ bulk data load integration. It empowers your team to utilize the tools and full power of Salesforce.

Sync LOS and DAO data into Salesforce

With Customer360, an exclusive module developed by Sandbox Banking engineers, live data from Loan Origination Systems (LOS) Deposit Account Opening (DAO) systems and others can be synced with Salesforce for operational excellence.

Sync live data on demand from your core to Salesforce

With Customer360, an exclusive module developed by Sandbox Banking engineers, live data from the core can be synced with Salesforce on demand or in real-time.

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