Amplify the power of banking data across all your critical systems.

Glyue™, powered by Sandbox Banking, brings a unified solution to banking data integration that drives critical change and accelerates digital transformation projects.

Flexible innovation without changing your core.

By democratizing digital transformation through secure and scalable integration technology, we help banks, credit unions, and fintechs innovate faster by connecting applications and data to existing banking cores.
  • Glyue™ is built on Python and AWS
  • Includes an easy-to-use builder that uses machine learning so non-technical users can create, maintain, and customize integrations
  • Provides real time and bulk data processing use cases at scale
  • Offers a solution template driven approach to modulate integration development

Glyue™: The platform that integrates financial systems with ease.

Increase productivity

Solution templates and system adapters drive unmatched productivity and faster time to market for digital transformation projects.

Unify application and data integration

Data can flow across systems at the speed and schedule that your teams need.

Three hosting options
to fit your needs

Have Sandbox Banking host Glyue™ on the cloud for you, or choose from hybrid or on-premise deployment.

Optimizes existing core
banking spend

"The Glyue™ platform allows us to rapidly unlock financial data and our legacy platforms. We were able to move it in agile fashion to optimize our banking and financial processes and ultimately optimize our customer experience."

John Sullivan, CIO, Bank Newport

Connect the best applications to build your best business.

Modern financial institutions are adopting a variety of technologies as they seek to digitally transform. Glyue™ adapters allow business units and technology teams to focus on the application, rather than worrying about the integration.

Link messages and events — and transfer bulk data — across systems.

Leverage the powerful orchestration of Glyue™ with event-driven, bulk data transfer across multiple financial systems in real time.

Bulk data transfers are a breeze with Glyue™. Move billions of historic or modern data source records between systems using built-in scheduling and batch capabilities. This ensures that the same data is used in every platform.

Gain speed with a template-driven approach.

Glyue™ ensures that the most critical systems across the company are kept in sync with pre-built solution templates.

Vetted by our seasoned solution engineers and architects, these templates standardize the most common data integration patterns at lightning speed.

Complex technical scenarios such as data migration, multiple broadcasts across channels, and data aggregation are also supported.

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