Our Glyue (pronounced “glo͞o”) integration builder helps financial institutions with automated booking of loans and deposits from nCino to core banking systems. We make omni-channel customer & account boarding seamless.

nCino's bank operating system drives efficiency and profit


Drive increased efficiency by removing duplicate data entry, eliminating paper files and increasing transparency and collaboration among employees and other bank stakeholders

  • • Increase accountability
  • • Reduce regulatory prep time
  • • 22% increase in staff efficiency
  • • Reduce loan cycle times


Increase deposit and loan volumes, reductions in loan closing times, and freeing up employees to focus on relationship-building and revenue-generating activities. 

• 17% reduction in operating costs

• 19% increase in revenue

• Stronger customer relationships

• Greater competitive advantage

Automated Booking in Action
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Multiple nCino use-cases

Common Questions & Best Practices
Why should I have a real-time integration between nCino and my core?
  • Speed

Automated booking creates the records in the core banking system within seconds allowing commercial and retail lending, and deposit account origination to scale.

  • Cost / Employee Satisfaction

Automated booking removes swivel chair operations and reduces manual entry, freeing up resources in operation.

  • Security / Accuracy

Data is transmitted securely through monitored network connections while validation rules ensure the accuracy of the data passing to the core.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Realtime book to core allows for improved customer service, faster loan funding, and all around improved customer experience.

What is Glyue?
Glyue is Sandbox Banking’s platform for creating APIs to connect banks and credit unions with an ever increasing number of fin-techs. The platform allows non-developers to connect banking systems through mapping templates. Glyue also allows developers at financial institutions to build their own APIs and integrations. With Glyue our customers can execute on digital transformation initiatives and provide customers with improved access to banking tools.
When should I consider doing this?

Sandbox Banking allows customers to build their integrations in parallel with nCino implementation or anytime after nCino is in use in production.

How long does the project take?

We can typically connect nCino to your banking core and be moving data within a few weeks. Then we spend 6-12 weeks dialing in the integration to match your financial institutions operations.

Which nCino products are supported?

Glyue supports the integration of all nCino product lines.

Which cores are supported?

Glyue has connectors to most of the major US banking cores. Connect with us for the latest catalog and pricing. New and custom cores can be supported after a technical review and scoping.

How do you connect to my core?

Glyue connects to banking cores that are on premise, hosted by a core vendor, or a third party data center. Our network administrators will work with your IT team to setup a VPN if necessary. Once we are connected, Sandbox Banking will use the financial institutions licensed middleware to communicate with core and execute the integration that is matched to your operations.

How does security work? Do you store any PII?

Glyue’s security is second to none. Reach out to us for our due diligence packet, including SOC 2 Type 2 audits and penetration tests.
Glyue does not store PII and all data is encrypted at rest and in transit. If your team would like to see some of the data moving through the integration, it can temporarily be exposed while leaving important information masked.

How does pricing and support work?

Sandbox Banking charges an initial implementation fee for the configuration of the integration. An ongoing support license keeps your integration up to date with security changes, changes to the fin-tech middleware, and new features in the Glyue platform.
We’ve come up with a custom pricing grid broken down by nCino product family that your sales rep can access. Typically the total price of a Sandbox Banking integration across its entire contract life including implementation is less than just the 1 year license price charged by competitors like Mulesoft and Informatica.

What else have customers connected with Glyue?
Sandbox Banking is connected with partner fin-techs and many systems used across financial institution business lines. Here are examples of our recent projects:
  • Product Origination
    • Autobooking to Core: Consumer Loans, Commercial & SMB Loans, Deposits
    • Collateral Management: Lien Search, UCC Filing, Appraisals
    • Underwriting & Risk Model Integrations
    • Enrollment: Card Issuance, E-Statement, Bill Pay
  • Customer Support & Relationship Monetization
    • Bots: Chat, Voice-based IVR
    • Customer 360 in CRM (e.g. Salesforce Real-time & Batch Synchronization)
    • Customer & Account Maintenance from CRM to Core
  • Data Warehouse Bulk Transfers
  • Banking as a Service APIs: Our most innovative customers are designing and deploying baas transaction, deposit and lending apis for consumption by fintech partners, investors or other banks/cus to access and submit data.

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