Simplify and integrate loan participation with Curated, a tailored Glyue™ application.

Introducing Curated, the integrated Glyue™ app from Sandbox Banking designed to streamline your loan participation process. 

Unlock loan participation potential

As loan participation becomes more essential yet operationally demanding, Curated utilizes your existing data and system connectivity to help banks and credit unions optimize their balance sheets, seize lending opportunities, and streamline secondary market processes within accounting and operations.

Loan Switchboard

Streamlines data exchange between buyers and sellers, leveraging existing banking core and loan origination system (LOS) data.

Loan Orchestration

Streamlines funds flow and audit processes, providing templated solutions for loan servicing data exchange.

Process Automation

Boosts efficiency by automating manual processes in accounting and loan operations.

Support for Various Loan Types

Includes commercial and industrial loans, commercial real estate loans, small and medium business loans, auto loans, unsecured consumer loans, and more.

Integrating loan participation strengthens business 

Balance Sheet Flexibility

Optimize your balance sheet amidst portfolio concentration, regulatory demands, and market fluctuations.

Operational Automation

Overcome manual tasks and operational hurdles commonly found in secondary markets with automated processes.

Enhanced Diligence

Eliminate data limitations that hinder the credit team’s ability to seize opportunities.

The case for integrated loan participation

In recent years, loan participation trends for banks and credit unions have been influenced by:

  • Increased Participation: Banks and credit unions increasingly utilize loan participation to manage risk, diversify portfolios, and seize lending opportunities.
  • Regulatory Considerations: Evolving regulations shape loan participation, requiring institutions to navigate compliance for risk management and capital adequacy.
  • Technology Integration: Technological advancements simplify loan market participation, with digital platforms and automation streamlining processes.
  • Market Demand and Conditions: Loan participation trends respond to factors like interest rates, economic outlook, and industry-specific conditions.
  • Collaboration with Fintech: Traditional financial institutions collaborate with fintech firms, utilizing innovative platforms to facilitate loan participation and connect lenders and borrowers.

It’s crucial for banks and credit unions to monitor these trends and adapt strategies to remain competitive in the evolving loan participation landscape.

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