What else have customers connected with Glyue?

We’re proud that our customers use Glyue for multiple integrations.  Glyue and its APIs are designed to be reused across projects. Our Solution Templates include:

  • Product Origination

    • Autobooking to Core: Consumer Loans, Commercial & SMB Loans, Deposits

    • Loan Doc Gen Integration

    • Collateral Management: Lien Search, UCC Filing, Appraisals

    • Underwriting & Risk Model Integrations

    • Enrollment: Card Issuance, E-Statement, Bill Pay

  • Customer Support & Relationship Monetization

    • Bots: Chat, Voice-based IVR

    • Customer 360 in CRM (e.g. Salesforce Real-time & Batch Synchronization)

    • Customer & Account Maintenance from CRM to Core

  • Data Warehouse Bulk Transfers

  • Banking as a Service APIs: Our most innovative customers are designing and deploying baas transaction, deposit and lending apis for consumption by fintech partners, investors or other banks/cus to access and submit data.

We’ve worked closely with our customers to understand their business and collaborate on integrations to multiple systems and are excited to usher in the new era of financial infrastructure.