Give teams the power of real-time data from your core banking system into your Creatio CRM via Glyue™.

4 things Creatio and Sandbox Banking bring to the table for banks and credit unions

Complete integration of a core banking system with Creatio is essential for enhancing the technological prowess of any bank or credit union. Leveraging Glyue™ for bulk data loading and real-time API integrations ensures seamless synchronization of your core data with Creatio. This empowers your team to harness the CRM’s full potential with critical real-time and bulk data from the core system.


Give your team a 360 degree view of relevant data from the core and auxiliary financial software.

Data alignment

Pull account holder, account, transaction and other records from the core to create and update objects and fields in Creatio.

Quick response

Empower staff to swiftly initiate downstream Creatio workflows directly within the CRM, enabling prompt action such as opportunity creation and alerts.

Real-time updates

Enable real-time transmission of updates from customer/member or account records in Creatio to the core banking system, minimizing manual entry and preventing data discrepancies.

Sandbox Banking and Creatio Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance CRM Capabilities for Financial Institutions

Two critical use cases for Creatio and Glyue™

Real Time API Integration

Connect your core banking system to Creatio via API middleware, enabling real-time data retrieval for immediate utilization or direct write-backs from Creatio into the core system.

Bulk Data Integration

Streamline bulk core data exports (customer, account, transaction records, etc.) and sync them seamlessly with Creatio CRM. Tie these records with workflows and schemas for opportunity creation and tracking.

How it works: Creatio and Glyue™ workflow example

  1. User or event triggers data pull from the core or update to the core
  2. Glyue™ receives and parses the request, mapping data to the appropriate fields and workflows
  3. Glyue™ makes the necessary API calls into the core banking system that correspond to the configured workflow
  4. The core banking system processes API calls and responds either with the requested data or with a status message
  5. Glyue™ parses response data and formats them for transmission back to Creatio
  6. Creatio records are updated with data from the core, or are notified that the core has been updated

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