Case Study: Better Digital Lending with Glyue

Better Digital Lending with Glyue

BankNewport wanted to digitize the end to end staff and customer experience across their business lines with a focus on creating efficiencies and reducing risk. Aiming for a platform approach, the Bank decided to implement several modules of nCino (a Salesforce-based system) with a requirement for connectivity to several other third-party applications used by the Bank; most importantly its core platform, COCC Insight.

nCino was tasked with reducing duplicate data entry and simplifying handoffs between bank colleagues and systems. Voted one of Rhode Island’s Best Places to Work, BankNewport wanted to eliminate manual effort, create efficiencies and focus on serving customers through digital transformation.

The Ask
1. Auto-book loan and customer records from nCino to the Bank’s core system. Sync data between nCino & other third-party apps as needed.

2. Be maintained and extended by BankNewport’s IT department.

BankNewport initially focused on their marine lending business line rollout of nCino as the first internal use-case before expanding Sandbox to connect other workflows. The delivery teams found a few workflows mid-project that needed to be digitized as part of MVP. Sandbox Banking’s Glyue platform was flexible enough to allow the Bank to add in these workflows without impacting delivery.

Solution Delivery
Sandbox Banking worked with BankNewport over the course of 8 months in a phased approach that allowed Glyue to be configured for the Bank’s specific marine loan workflow as the teams finished their work in the upstream systems. The Sandbox Banking team held weekly calls with BankNewport’s nCino administrator and their loan operations team to discuss project status and provide support throughout the implementation. Sandbox Banking’s experience meant that workflows could be parallelized more effectively.

Key Impact
The integrations allow BankNewport to reduce the burden on its loan operations team while also reducing manual data entry errors. Sandbox Banking’s audit log functionality allowed BankNewport’s Salesforce administrator to easily diagnose errors and will allow the bank’s IT teams to streamline management and external stakeholder eg: audit, counterparty reporting.

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