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Sandbox is looking for an exceptional software engineer who wants to reshape how software is integrated with financial institutions (FIs).  We have growing revenue, are backed by Y Combinator (W17), and have raised seed capital.



Sandbox is a universal adapter for banks.  It provides institutions with a better way to integrate fintech software.

Distributing new software to FIs has historically been a long and painful process because of data security and system integration concerns.  These are chicken-and-egg challenges:

  • FIs won’t share sensitive data with an untrusted vendor, but a vendor can’t prove effectiveness without it.
  • FIs won’t adopt new technology without proof it integrates with existing systems, but a vendor can’t prove integration without access.

Sandbox empowers FIs and vendors to quickly and safely build new integrations — someone who can use Excel formulas is capable of using Sandbox to connect banking systems.  Furthermore, the platform's fine-grained authentication and permissioning model provides FIs with strict control over which people/software has access to particular banking data and operations.

Banks and fintechs love the platform.  FIs are able to quickly and cost-effectively leverage cutting-edge solutions without compromising on integration; fintechs don't need to spend time and money on activities outside of core product development and distribution.



Our engineer will need to handle a variety of tasks:

  • Work with our project managers and customers to configure integrations and perform customizations
  • Build, maintain, and extend web UI functionality for our core product
  • Construct unit and integration tests to help maintain our organization's high throughput of software delivery
  • Write high quality documentation for both customer and internal use
  • Perform basic AWS-based and on premise sysadmin work
  • Identify and vocalize problems as they arise, especially in regards to data security
  • Always act in a manner aligned with our high ethical standards



Talented developers learn new technologies quickly, so we're not obsessed with each candidate's knowledge of particular technologies.  That said, we do require applicants to possess a few specific technical skills:

  • Proficiency with Python.  Prior experience with the language is required, although our definition of experience is broad and would include undergraduate/graduate assignments, demonstrable project work, and coding bootcamps.  Our hiring process involves technical interviews for which knowledge of Python is necessary.
  • Proficiency with both Windows and Linux
  • Understanding of basic software design patterns, unit testing, object-oriented language principles, functional language principles, and networking

There are additional requirements related to logistics and behavior:

  • Ability to work from our office in downtown Boston, MA
  • Legal authorization to work for Sandbox Banking.  NOTE: we're unable to sponsor work visas at this time.
  • Willingness and ability to proactively collaborate with our customers and project managers.  To succeed, this individual will need to constantly discuss/record/broadcast business processes and requirements.  There are times when acquiring a single piece of critical information requires two or three conversations with different project stakeholders; this engineer must be unrelenting in such scenarios.
  • Fanatical passion for delivering the best possible experience to users
  • Willingness to reprioritize work as product hypotheses and requirements change
  • Obsession with code quality, design patterns, documentation, testing, and other aspects of software engineering that empower teams to maintain high productivity over time
  • Team-first attitude coupled with an unrelenting desire to win

Experience in the following areas will be considered a bonus:

  • Financial services programming (especially for banks or vendors)
  • Early-stage startups
  • SaaS product development
  • Information security and regulatory compliance
  • Javascript, C#, Java, Django, Postgres, front-end JS frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue), and AWS



Salary will be competitive for our stage of company, and the role includes an option package that provides significant upside.  It’s important to us that our early employees win if the company succeeds.


Next Steps

Please email resumes, CVs, and other relevant materials to along with a brief description of why you’re interested in the role.