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Sandbox Banking Hailed as a Solution to Banking’s “Zombie Core” FinTech Crisis by Forbes

Sandbox Banking Hailed as a Solution to Banking’s “Zombie Core” FinTech Crisis by Forbes

Sandbox Banking

The Forbes article states, “Bankers shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking the industry is out of crisis mode… The bank technology landscape is littered with… ‘zombie cores’ – core apps that haven’t been sunsetted but are no longer supported by or enhanced by the tech companies that sold them… Banks have two options throughout the rest of this decade: Core replacement or core modernization. Neither option is cheap and neither option is fast.”

The article continues, “The good news for banks is that this situation has given rise to a new category of tech firms like… Sandbox Banking – let’s call them core integration platforms – that promise to make it easier to integrate ancillary systems to existing cores and create a strategy for core replacement.”

“Sandbox Banking and their platform, Glyue, have been instrumental in our efforts to increase operational efficiency,” Chris Bladen, First United Bank & Trust. “We’ve been able to build robust integrations and solutions across a whole fleet of banking software. Glyue makes it simple to map out integrations all within an easy-to-use platform built specifically for banking integrations.”

The Sandbox Banking platform Glyue™ helps banks and credit unions securely connect fintech products and future-proof their core banking system. Sandbox Banking solves three common fintech challenges:

  • Securely and rapidly integrates fintech partners
  • Scales across the business for future integrations
  • Provides access to a library of fintechs & banking systems

To learn more about Sandbox Banking and request a demo, visit:

About Sandbox Banking
Sandbox Banking is a fintech building a low-code integration platform called Glyue to help banks and credit unions connect fintech products into their existing systems. Banks and credit unions grow revenue and increase operational efficiency by securely integrating fintech products with their existing infrastructure via Glyue. The company’s fintech partners close financial institution sales faster and can offer seamless integrated experiences across banking customer systems. Sandbox Banking’s investors include Horizon Ventures. Tuesday Capital, Forum Ventures, SixThirty & YCombinator.

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