Release highlights: Glyue™ v4.3.0

Sandbox Banking is pleased to announce the release of GlyueTM version 4.3.0. As an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) focused exclusively on financial technology, this release implements and amplifies functionality to make GlyueTM work better for our bank and credit union customers.

Creating new integrations just got simpler.

The new Integration Configuration Wizard guides you through all setup steps, so connecting to a new system is as easy as selecting the system and entering your credentials. It’s a great way for both developers and business analysts to get hands-on and see the power of GlyueTM.

Running integrations is now more powerful.

The updated Integration Runner now features support for binary and multi-part requests, enabling triggers for integrations that include files such as CSVs and PDFs. The runner provides smart defaults from the very first time you open it, taking care of setting content-types, headers, and preferences to fit the payload you’re building.

Customers will be able to manually test and trigger integrations while building them. Users that need to upload files as inputs can now do so right from the Integration Runner, allowing them to test their work even faster.

Bulk data transfers are now more easily customized.

Glyue’s strength is its flexibility to support the varied integration needs of our customers, and those variations don’t stop at the systems we’re connecting. While some integrations are triggered in real-time by events in a third party system, others need to run on a pre-set schedule, often to kick off bulk data extraction, transformation, and loading (ELT) processes. To simplify management of these tasks, we’re introducing a visual scheduler that allows for interval- and calendar-based scheduling of integration runs. Now you can easily set up and manage custom schedules to keep systems in sync.

Feedback cycles are even faster.

Being able to quickly develop and iterate on custom integrations is the core of what GlyueTM stands for. Our developers know that a tight feedback cycle unlocks speed, so in this release, we’re bringing several tools to help surface and immediately act on feedback.

Starting with the results from an integration run, developers can now filter each of the integration’s steps by type, drilling down directly to the information they’re looking for. INFO lines now include a direct link to the code that called it, eliminating time spent searching for a line of code. And when drilling down into integration payloads, our JSON path viewer now offers both full and relative paths, giving maximum flexibility for parsing and manipulating request payloads.

When building integrations, developers now have a powerful find-and-replace tool at their disposal, enabling quick bulk updates that won’t miss a single cell. And to cap it off, we’ve fine-tuned our change detection engine to ensure no work is lost and every change is accounted for across different environments.

Sandbox Banking: Fintech Integration Gurus

We’re proud to constantly improve our user experience, and we’re excited for customers to see the benefits, whether they are diving into the platform personally or working alongside our Solution Engineering team.

Click here to read the current and past release notes.

Let us know what you think!

We want GlyueTM to be the best iPaaS for banking, but we want your help. Here are 3 ways you can connect with us to share suggestions, concerns, and feedback:

  • Set up a meeting with David Cai, our Technical Product Manager
  • Email our support team
  • Current customers can send a message via the speaker icon in the top right corner when logged into GlyueTM
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