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Release highlights: Glyue™ v4.5.0

Glyue™ v4.5.0 is being deployed June 4-6

Glyue goes beyond merely aiding in integration building. It offers a comprehensive toolkit that enables effortless management, maintenance, and deployment of integrations with just a few clicks. In this latest release, these tools are becoming even more robust, all the while remaining incredibly user-friendly.

Release highlights

  • Analytics-Driven Dashboard
    Stay on top of integration progress with our new analytics-driven dashboard on the Bookmarks page. Easily track the build status of each implementation for banks and credit unions.
  • Redesigned Scheduler
    Experience a revamped scheduler for seamless workflow management. With new built-in schedules like beginning-of-month and quarterly options, managing tasks has never been easier.
  • Seamless Integration Updates
    Simplify deployment with Glyue’s ability to split changes within the same integration. Now, you can update critical components without disrupting ongoing projects.
  • Simplified User Onboarding
    Streamline user management with Glyue’s optional default permission group, easing the burden on administrators when onboarding new users. Learn more about our permissioning model for enterprises.
  • NEW adaptors for our partners, Creatio and Docusign. Reach out to your Sandbox Banking partner to learn more about building integrations with these systems.

We’re proud to constantly improve our user experience, and we’re excited for customers to see the benefits, whether they are diving into the platform personally or working alongside our Solution Engineering team.

Click here to read the current and past release notes.

Let us know what you think!

We want Glyue™ to be the best iPaaS for banking, but we need your help. Here are 3 ways you can connect with us to share suggestions, issues, and feedback:

  • Set up a meeting with David Cai, Technical Product Manager
  • Email our support team
  • Current customers can send a message via the speaker icon in the top right corner when logged into Glyue™
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