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Accelerate deals and overcome integration challenges by partnering with Sandbox Banking.

Through countless conversations with partners we’ve realized that there are several shared problems when it comes to integrations:

  Customers use a variety of banking cores/systems and integrations need to be rebuilt for each one.

  Network architectures are convoluted.

  Integration payload specifications undergo changes.

  There are slow feedback cycles when it comes to working with the business units and different employees within a project.

  Managing updates to systems.

  Internal builds require ongoing maintenance and documentation at the cost of developer hours.

  Customers almost always want custom extensions and integrations to fit their business logic.

Sandbox Banking has solved all of these problems for our partners by:

Having a Standard API template that can be reused across Banking Systems

Handle complexities involved in dealing with a bank or credit union’s underlying network infrastructure

Handle complex financial services integrations that involve custom logic, multiple services, or orchestration

Dealing with changing integration specifications during implementation

Demoing fintech integration benefits to a growing list of banks and credit unions

Are you a fintech reseller, service provider, or solution builder? The GlyueNet™ partner program may be for you.

Meet GlyueNet™, Sandbox Banking’s network of leading fintechs who help our mutual customers navigate their banking interoperability layer on the journey to digital transformation. Our partner ecosystem is made up of trusted advisors and technology experts that guide banks and credit unions to innovate, scale their business, and transform customer or member experiences for today and tomorrow.

Fintechs we work with

Our expertise lies in integrating existing banking systems with modern enterprise software.

Glyue™ provides connectors to and from 14+ of the most popular core banking platforms and more than 50 lending, deposit, KYC/AML, data, cards, underwriting, mobile banking, and analytics solutions from the world’s best providers.

Together with our partners, we are trusted digital transformation enablers that give banks and credit unions the foundation to thrive.

What type of partner are you?

GlyueNet™ provides diverse avenues to success, enabling you to concentrate on the capability pathways that align most effectively with your business priorities. Whether you are initiating the journey by establishing new GTM motions, or have validated capabilities and want to enhance your value to the customer, our partner incentive program helps you to deliver outstanding results.

Solution Referral

Introduce sales opportunities and get rewarded when they become Glyue™ customers.

Solution Reseller

Become certified to embed Glyue™ in your customer offering and earn a commission on sales when you resell.

Solution Builder

Build your own integration into Glyue™ and access our network of pre-built adapters and core connectivity.

Why partner with Sandbox Banking?

In a word? We amplify success for our partners. Our partner incentive programs actively recognize partners for business growth, attainment of solution competencies, advancement to higher program levels, and dedicated partner support throughout the entire technology lifecycle. Eligibility for incentives is carefully assessed based on program level, market maturity, and partner capability.
  • GlyueNet™stands out as an exceptionally adaptable program, empowering partners to enter the market with unprecedented flexibility.
  • Our partners accelerate their growth and GTM capabilities by leveraging our network of prebuilt adapters.
  • Add additional revenue streams through referral commissions and resell margins.
  • Reduce your customers barrier to entry and alleviate complex integration challenges by partnering with Sandbox Banking.

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