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Build, manage and monetize integrations to banking systems and fintech partners

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Accelerate project delivery by starting with an API template from our extensive Banking System, Fintech and pre-configured Banking Solution Library. This allows your team to configure integrations with our award-winning Glyue builder library. 


Distribute BaaS APIs and connect fintechs vendors knowing on-going security, infrastructure management, system maintenance and business process changes are handled by Sandbox Banking for over 50 banking institutions.


Increase efficiencies and decrease risk through automation. Grow revenue by extending product offerings to include embedded finance and Banking APIs.

Commercial & Small Business Loan Origination

  • Core Banking System specific automated loan boarding reduces data entry operational risk
  • Fintech Adapters deliver embedded UXs for loan ops teams
  • Critical service integrations like legal doc-prep, lien search, UCC filing, doc storage are centrally managed

Consumer Loan & Home Mortgage Origination

  • Core Banking System specific automated loan boarding reduces data entry operational risk

  • Fintech Adapters deliver straight through processing for online apps

  • Critical service integrations like credit pulls, credit card ordering, doc storage are centrally managed

Deposit Account Opening

  • Core Banking System specific automated deposit account boarding keep online origination costs in check

  • Maintenance module keeps customer records updated

  • Critical service integrations like KYC pulls, online banking enrollment, debit card ordering are centrally managed


CRM: Customer & Account 360

  • Real-time integrations between Salesforce and most major banking cores or LOSs mean staff and their apps are always up to date

  • Customer & Account 360 APIs are instantly reusable across banking apps and departments

Call Center Automation

  • Integrated AI-driven chatbots and IVR bots can answer an authenticated end-customer’s banking questions reducing staff intervention
  • Information on balances, transactions and other account information can be surfaced securely without human intervention.

Bulk Data Operations

  • Bulk data from extracts, databases or underlying file systems is moved securely into customer- or staff-facing applications.
  • Operations can be initiated by the user or as automated scheduled jobs

Collateral Portfolio Management

  • Automating the ordering of Appraisals, flood certifications, environmental inspections improves loan ops teams’ efficiency.
  • Similar integrations with UCC filing vendors and lien search vendors provide efficiency gain.

Banking as a Service

  • Glyue allows customers to rapidly and safely expose banking APIs specific to a fintech customer’s needs.

  • Common API definitions streamline asset and capital movement between banks or between banks and investors.

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