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New Glyue Release! (v4.0.2.11)

New Glyue Release! (v4.0.2.11)

Skye Isard

A new Glyue release is now available!  This latest version (v4.0.2.11) contains ~30 enhancements that are individually summarized in our public Glyue Release Notes.

Here are a few feature highlights:

  • In-App User Notifications.  Tracking integration development progress and communicating with stakeholders can require significant time and mental bandwidth.  To lighten the load, we’ve built an in-app notification system to draw attention to comments with “@-prefixed” direct mentions, logic changes, and other types of events!  Further work to (optionally) forward important notifications to users via email is underway.  
  • Better File-Based Integration Support.  Building and supporting bulk data ETL and document transport integrations is a common Glyue use case.  Now integrations can leverage a Glyue-specific file datatype and related built-in functions to ensure files can be searched and downloaded from within the run history page!  NOTE: To help customers fully leverage this feature, we’ll be retrofitting all existing adapters in a later release.
  • New User Enrollment Improvements.  The workflow to invite and on board new users now includes clearer messaging, captures user profile information, and puts documentation at a user’s fingertips.
  • Adapter Library Expansion. The AppOne adapter now supports the SaaS provider’s Lender Connect services!  Furthermore, we’ve added a Jira adapter to enable construction of integrations that power project management and support processes!

Customer DEV and TEST environments were updated to v4.0.2.11 earlier this week (May 9th-11th).  Customer PROD environments will be updated after business hours next week (May 16th-18th).

As always, we’d love to know your thoughts about Glyue!  We’ll soon release in-app feedback collection features – until then, all customers are welcome to submit questions, comments, or concerns via their Glyue Help Center!

Per usual, shipping this release has been a team effort!  We’d like to thank the following people: