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Adding AI Capabilities to Glyue

Adding AI Capabilities to Glyue

Sandbox Banking is proud to announce the integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model into Glyue to provide code suggestions! This new functionality was part of our v4.0.2.9 release earlier this month, and more AI-based enhancements are planned throughout 2023.


Like much of the technology world, Sandbox Banking’s product and engineering teams have been excited by the recent large deep learning models recently released by OpenAI and others. We believe the coming generations of models will deeply transform the software integration landscape and software development in general.

GitHub Copilot – a trained AI assistant to developers that effectively acts as a virtual pair programmer – is an early example of the technology’s usefulness in our industry. In a recent controlled experiment performed by GitHub, a higher proportion of professional developers using GitHub CoPilot were able to complete a web server coding task (78%) than a similar group of developers without the tool (70%). Furthermore, the developers using Copilot that completed the task were able to perform the work 55% faster! GitHub surveys also indicate that 60-75% of Copilot users feel more fulfilled at their job due to the tool. More information is available in this research article from Github’s blog.

GitHub isn’t an unbiased source of information regarding the impact and efficacy of Copilot, but our team’s own anecdotal experience with the tool suggests that its a massive boon to engineering productivity. Given our aspiration to provide the universe’s best banking integration builder, the decision to build Copilot-like code generation into Glyue was a no-brainer.

The Code Suggestion Prompt

Check out this video to see Glyue’s new AI code generation functionality:

The code suggestions dialog leverages the GPT 3.5 model to provide a suggestion based on a user prompt. The tool considers the surrounding code/logic context, and with a description of the desired output can generate a potential solutions to the task at hand. Usually a comment below the code helps the model best determine a relevant response, but the prompt can handle pure code inputs as well. Users can request multiple suggestions based on the same prompt and choose the best solution from a variety of choices. With the insert suggestion button, the code snippet will be inserted into the open editor.

Future Glyue AI Features
Some future potential Glyue AI features are code block explanations, a more seamless integration of the code suggestions, and AI assistance with creating whole integrations. Our team is also investigating the documentation generation capabilities of these models. Deep learning classification models also have important implications for production support automation and improved issue/error handling.

This is an incredibly exciting time within the artificial intelligence space as these models become further democratized and improved – this technology is poised to massively accelerate the innovation and digital transformation journeys of Sandbox Banking’s customers.

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Sandbox Banking Secures $4.3M in Seed Funding to Streamline Integration

Sandbox Banking Secures $4.3M in Seed Funding to Streamline Integration

February 14, 2023 (Cambridge, MA) – Sandbox Banking, the fintech building a low-code integration platform for banking, announces its completion of a strategic investment led by Horizon Ventures, bringing the company’s total financing to $6M. Participating investors include Forum Ventures, SixThirty, Tuesday Capital. Using the company’s Glyue™ platform, banks and credit unions can accelerate digital transformation using pre-built API adapters and solution templates to securely connect existing systems with fintech partners. Sandbox Banking’s game-changing API builder platform already empowers teams at over 70 financial institutions across the US & Canada, including BankNewport, Silicon Valley Bank, United Bank, Choice Financial, and Service Credit Union. 

Sales teams at fintech partners like nCino, FIS and Five9 praise the Glyue platform’s pre-existing adapter catalogs responsible for delivering integration and support capabilities across critical customer systems. Fintech partners also love how Glyue’s solution template catalog reduces implementation timelines with its self-service capability for bank staff. With deeper integrations into some of the largest global fintech companies on the 2023 roadmap, Sandbox Banking will use this capital to accelerate hiring for new product development and solution delivery capacity. 

“The infrastructure and product framework needed to integrate core banking and fintech systems has historically been plagued with complaints of incompatible systems that generate lengthy integration timelines, lack of customization beyond cookie-cutter integrations, and lack of agile support for future changes based on user behavior. Glyue makes this process seamless and more efficient than ever, and will continue to power the next generation of integrated digital banking systems that are unlocking fintech for society,” said Ravi Balasubramanian, CEO of Sandbox Banking. ”Horizon Ventures and Tuesday are two industry leaders in finding platform solutions that transform industries and we’re thrilled to have them on board as both investors and strategic advisors.”

“With the launch of this integration using Glyue, a tremendous amount of work is being taken off of the team, which is a huge win for gaining buy-in and engagement related to our overall transformation efforts,” said John Sullivan, CIO of BankNewport. “Sandbox allows our internal tech teams at BankNewport to focus on serving our customer’s needs knowing they have a technology partner in Sandbox Banking.”

“Sandbox is the best banking infrastructure startup I’ve seen in years. What Stripe did for accessibility, Sandbox is poised to do with fintech integrations. They are the ‘Glyue – pun intended’ required to connect the banking sector to the fintech innovations required to compete over the next decade,” said Patrick Gallagher, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Tuesday Capital.

88% of bank and credit union CIOs complain that integration challenges slow down their digital transformation, since until now there hasn’t been a purpose-built API platform to enhance the collaboration between core banking systems and the cloud-based applications that their business partners want to adopt. Glyue can reduce development times of common integrations by 80% and accelerate most digital banking integration projects. With an API builder platform now integrated into their existing systems, banks and credit unions can focus on driving revenue growth via offering BaaS capabilities or API Banking to indirect lending partners, or drive balance-sheet efficiency with inter-institutional solutions.

About Sandbox Banking 

Sandbox Banking is a fintech building a low-code integration platform called Glyue to help banks and credit unions connect fintech products into their existing systems. Banks and credit unions grow revenue and increase operational efficiency by securely integrating fintech products with their existing infrastructure via Glyue. The company’s fintech partners close financial institution sales faster and can offer seamless integrated experiences across banking customer systems. Sandbox Banking’s investors include Horizon Ventures. Tuesday Capital, Forum Ventures, SixThirty & YCombinator.

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